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Club Penguin Speedrunning Client Tutorial

CPSC (Club Penguin Speedrunning Client) is a single player Club Penguin client made for Speedrunning.
It was made by some homo lol and is in beta 3.1.
CPSC features include: consistent loads, autosplitting, thin ice framerule mods, and Discord rich presence support in the future.
CPSC is currently only available for Windows.

Setup Tutorial

1. Download and install XAMPP
2. Download CPSC
3. Copy & Paste the contents of the CPSC-master (or CPSC-dev) folder to C:\xampp\htdocs
4. Go to the above folder
5. Run the CPSC.exe file
6. Run (the appropriately named) run.bat file
7. Click on the register link and make an account
(or alternatively you can also create an account in the log in screen, more info below)
8. Click on the play link and log in
9. Have fun wasting your life speedrunning Club Penguin

Creating an account with the log in screen

1. Go to the log in screen
2. Enter the name of the account you want to create in the Penguin Name box, (passwords are not required)
- You can check the "Remember me on this computer" box to skip entering the username
3. Log in, you will get an error, reload the page and it will be gone
4. To change the color, go to this page in phpmyadmin and edit the color column to whatever you like
- You can find the color item ids on the Club Penguin wiki.

Troubleshooting Tips

- Make sure your default browser supports Adobe Flash and has it installed (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other flash compatible browsers all work). For Windows 10 users, you can change this in Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Web Browser
- Mac users using bootcamp: Follow the instructions here if you're having trouble getting myslq to start.
- If you get a white screen with an error when trying to register an account (something that looks like like this), run slq.bat
- Open Control Panel and go to System and Security -> Security and Maintenance -> Open Security Tab -> User Account Control -> Change Settings -> Turn everything down
- For additional help, join the Club Penguin Speedrunning Discord